The 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show is taking place in San Francisco now. There are more than 80,000 specialty foods & beverages and thousands of new products from around the globe.

As an shower, how to impress the attender is a large challenge. All the exhibitioners attending the show will offer the free sample to attract the attender. But how can you make sure that attenders will come and taste the sample? Also, how can you make sure that attendants will satisfy with your sample?

First, you need to make your unique design for your brand to attract the attenders. Second, you need to make sure your ware is fresh and it’s the perfect temperature for taste. As a result, choosing a good refrigerator is very important for exhibitors.

ALK Cool has a professional team that will provide you with tailored design solutions according to your unique brand and idea. At the same time, our refrigerator will keep your food and beverage fresh to make sure it’s perfect to taste.

Choosing ALK Cool will make your food and beverage unique in every show.


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